You don’t have to sit around dreading the next boring day if you are bored. Instead, use your smartphone to keep yourself busy. You’ll find many apps and games to challenge your intellect and pass the time. A popular example is the 2048 game. In this addictive game, you have to swipe tiles to make pairs of numbers. The more tiles you match, the higher the score.

Know sites like Bored Panda (Alternatives) help kill time and relieve boredom


If you’re bored, there are lots of fun apps to use while you’re bored. Duolingo is a language learning app where you can learn and practice speaking new languages. The downside is that you have to repeat the lessons several times. There’s a continuity feature that compensates for missed days. You can also buy extra lessons, which range in price and availability. These extra lessons can help you with flirting and conversational phrases in your chosen language.

Duolingo offers many languages, including endangered ones like Esperanto. You can learn languages on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. The app syncs your progress across all devices. The app has several free features.

Ugly Camera

If you’re bored, you can download one of Android’s free Ugly Camera apps. This fun app allows you to apply various ugly filters to your face and take photos and videos. The free version has a few filters you can use, but if you want to unlock more filters and remove the ads, you’ll have to upgrade. While free versions can be fun, they’re not free.


If you’re ever bored and need to find something to do, BuzzFeed is one of the fun apps you should download. Its articles are short and image-rich, so you won’t be bored reading them. And the best part? They will lift your spirits and make you feel better. This app is not for the morbidly curious but for people who find reading depressing.

Besides reading interesting stories, BuzzFeed has other features to keep you entertained. Aside from reading articles, you can also play games, quizzes, or watch videos. You can search for articles, bookmark your favorites, or leave comments. It also supports push notifications so that you won’t miss anything. The only downside to BuzzFeed is that it’s not free, so you might have to pay for it. However, it’s a great way to pass the time and get your fill of information.

Cut the Rope: Experiments Free

Cut the Rope: Experiments is the perfect game to play if you are bored or have a spare moment. This puzzle game is free and has varying levels of difficulty. The basic objective is to guide the candies to the monster’s mouth and collect golden stars. The game’s varying difficulty levels are a great way to keep you entertained and learning simultaneously. Over 200 levels to conquer in Cut the Rope: Free Experiments.

The game is a fun way to kill time. It combines the fun of puzzle games with relaxing gameplay. It will keep you entertained while you wait for your dinner. You can play the game as often as possible, as it has many levels and components. You can also try the game 2048, which combines puzzles by connecting the same number of tiles. In this way, you can reach the goal of getting a tile with the number 2048!

Flow Free

Many games are available on the market to pass the time, but Flow Free is the only one that can compare to Flow Free. This offline puzzle game requires connecting matching colors to create a path. You can choose to connect dots of one color, or you can pair different colors. Your goal is to cover as much board as possible; the fewer moves you make, the higher your score will be.

The game allows you to manage your focus and concentration so you won’t lose focus on the task. It is designed to be challenging while stretching your brain and relieving boredom. If you have been staring at a wall while waiting for a bus, train, or plane, you know it can be very boring. Flow Free stretches your mind while waiting for a train, and it’s free!


If you’re bored, Polytopia is a great app to play. The low-poly visuals make it look more like a real-world game than an app. You can also play Polytopia offline if you’re not on the internet. Battle of Polytopia is a great civilization-style game with a sleek user interface and depth. You can build a city, trade with other players, fight enemy tribes, and conquer new lands.

You can play this game free from the App Store, with no ads or pop-ups. The game offers two versions: the Lite and the full versions. The free version contains the game’s basic features, while the full version has additional features and levels. The game is quite challenging, so it’s a good choice for people who are bored and want to pass the time. Want to prank your friends by spoof calling? Click here to read more about the 15 Best Websites for Spoof calling.

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