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Are Smartphones Most Popular Gaming Devices in the World?

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Studies show that the smartphone is now the device most people use for games. With its mobility and simplicity, it has long since overtaken other platforms like PC and gaming consoles.

According to a Statista Survey, 54% of more than 7,000 American adults regularly use their smartphone to play games. Consoles only come in a distant second place for Americans. Around one-third of them play consoles regularly. PC takes third place with 32 percent of the survey participants.

Mobile gaming has become huge, almost tripling in size compared to that of PC and console games combined. With such heavy usage, not surprising to see touchscreen devices everywhere we go. If you have a phone that can play games, there’s no need to invest in any other equipment.

People have been increasingly playing games on their smartphones, so game developers have also switched to producing more and more mobile games. It has been seen that the app stores of Google and Apple will generate around $90 billion in revenue from games in 2021.

Infographic: Smartphones Rule Gaming | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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