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7 Best Games by Garena

by SolidSnake
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Who Doesn’t love games!! And what’s the point if the games you are playing are not enjoyable and leaves a bad taste in your mouth?

Fear Not !!

Garena is a leader in the online gaming industry, offering gamers worldwide a variety of titles to choose from. Here are some of the best games by Garena, all of which provide hours of entertainment and intense competition. I will give you the six most enjoyable games list developed by Garena, which will make you itching for more. So, let’s get started.

Garena Contra Returns

This is a shooting game that dives deep into adventure mode where you can form your party, pvp methods, and pet system, and on top of that, you get to fight alien bosses. In addition, you get HD graphics, 3D character models, and intense battle music combined to give you a mind-blowing visual experience. To ensure you get this game, download it from the google play store. 

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Fairy Tail: Forces Unite! 

If you enjoy adventure games and anime, adore magic, want to create a guild, or are tired of the limited number of fighter classes that are accessible in most RPG games you play. Do not worry; this game is the ultimate goal to end all your troubles. 

Fairy Tail is just magnificent as it is; you can select from nine different hero classes, there is a trading system, and a fantastic battle system where your wizard ability is tested; moreover, you may also ask the Fairy Tail anime’s key characters like Lucy, Grey, Erza, etc.

Download on Google Play

Speed Drifter

Above two games are not suitable for your taste?? 

Then this might be! 

Speed Drifter is the racing game of mecha cars on track and in the air. 

Sounds Interesting! Just keep reading. 

In this game, you can add buffs to beat your enemies and teammates. But the real thrill only exists in its simple racing concept. 

The central and most exciting part of this game is its graphics, music, and visual experience it provides, which will teleport you to the world of mecha fantasy. Be sure to try this fantastic game, also available on the google play store. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Download it from the google play store. 

Arena Of Valor

Arena of Valour is an online multiplayer battle arena game with Ultra HD visuals where winning depends entirely on ability. This game will give you what you desire from any arena game, where you move through jungles, lanes, and towers with only one goal: to destroy your enemy core. This game includes 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, and the new 10v10 Mayhem mode. This doesn’t end here, as in this game, you can play with more than 80 characters, including DC superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Flash, and Superman. Enjoy playing this game that you can get from the Play Store. 

Free Fire Max

The second spot is occupied by a nerve-wracking shooting game, which will give you the experience of what ambush feels like, how good is your sniping skill, and how you win the battle with the excellent coordination of your teammates. This game’s Battle Royale mode is its foundation, where you form a team with three other players and get transported into a battle zone where your only goal is to destroy your enemies, capture the loots, and be the last ones Surviving. When all groups try to eliminate each other, this game becomes an actual war zone. 

Please hurry up and download it from the play store

Garena Call Of Duty: Mobile

This game is another shooting game that comes in the number one spot. You might be curious as to how it differs from the Free Fire Max. I’m getting there. 

This game also has Battle Royale like the above game, but it comes with an additional game mode: an escort and quick strike where once your group acts as a defense team and in another round as an attack team where you have to protect a particular area. You also get HoverBike in this game which travels on land and water. You can access the laser weapon Ballista EM3 to detect enemy positions and deal lethal damage. If it is not enough…You experience a whole new weapon optimization system, which increases players’ experience by ten folds combined with new exciting maps. 

Luckily this game is also available on the google play store, and I assume you can’t wait to try these games. So no point wasting your time here.

Download on Google Play

Revisit us for some other fantastic games list. 

For now. 

Enjoy these games, and Have a good day ahead!

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