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Fortnitemares 2022 – Skins, Quests, Candy, Rewards, Date, Challenges

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The yearly Halloween event of Fortnite – Fortnitemares 2022 – is here! The event is set to start from 18 October. Fortnitemares will host tantalizing new skins, challenging quests, and be filled with delicious candy and rewards. Whether you will be a part of the Fortnitemares for the first time, or you are back after enjoying the event last time, here is a breakdown on all about the Fortnitemares 2022.

What is Fortnitemares?

Fortnitemares is a seasonal event that Fortnite has been hosting since 2017. It is the Halloween special event of Fortnite

When is Fortnitemares 2022

Fortnitemares 2022 is for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. The event will start on Tuesday, 18th October 2022. There is no set last date. Last year the event went on from October 5 through November 1. So we can expect the Fortnitemares 2022 to go on till mid-November. 

It is expected that Fortnite will go into downtime at 8 AM BST / 3 AM ET and come back online around five hours after that.

Fortnitemares 2022 Skins

Fortnitemares skins are the most awaited skins for Fortnite players.

There will be quite a few new skins this time. The outfits created by Dreo and Kitsu, winners of Concept Royale, will also be included. While Kitsu created Undying Sorrow, Drea made Sinister Glare outfit.

There will probably also be crossover material such as with Dead by Daylight. And there are rumors of zombified animals too being part of the event.

What are the Challenges for Fortnitemares?

Fortnitemares is a Halloween-themed event by Epic Games. The Fortnitemares challenges are themed after the spooky holiday and have players collect candy, complete quests, and more. Some of these challenges include finding pumpkins in a haystack or getting a certain number of kills with certain weapons.

Some of the challenges of past years were:

  • Collect candy
  • Deal damage with a Possessed Vehicle.
  • Detect players as a Shadow.
  • Eliminate Shadow Midas.
  • Eliminate shadows as Player.
  • Visit Different Witch Shacks.
  • Consume legendary loot as a Shadow.

Fortnitemares 2022 Candy – Where to collect Fortnite Candy during the Fortnitemares event?

This spooky Halloween-themed event sees players hunting down hidden pumpkins across all of their favorite maps and collecting candies that are released once they are found.

To get candy in Fortnitemares, you need to find pumpkins or buckets of treats and hit them or spill the contents to get the candy. You can also get them from eliminated opponents.The buckets are usually outside private homes with halloween decorations. 

Last time players found candy in following locations

  • Hey Boo!
  • Pleasant Park
  • Lazy Lake
  • Retail Row

Fortnitemares Free Rewards

Players can earn rewards by playing Fortnite Battle Royale and completing challenges.

Like completing one quest got you Raven’s Curse Spray, two bagged Midnight Showdown Loading Screen, and three got the Wrathful Breakout Contrail.

With each quest, you unlock points and rewards which you can redeem in the game.

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