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Goddess of Victory Nikke Codes (September 2023)

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Goddess of Victory Nikke Codes have been freshly revealed for September 2023, presenting players with a valuable opportunity to acquire Gems, Battle Data Sets, Core Dust, Credits, Ultra items, and Recruit Vouchers within the mobile game. This comprehensive article serves as a reliable guide, outlining the latest code releases and providing clear, step-by-step instructions on their efficient redemption process. Elevate your Goddess of Victory Nikke experience by utilizing these codes to bolster your in-game resources and enhance your gameplay.

Goddess of Victory Nikke Codes

The latest redeem codes for Goddess of Victory Nikke are as follows.

Goddess of Victory Nikke Codes (September 2023)

  • 1f4a41gld773 – 200 Gems
  • BEMYCOMMANDER – 1 Recruit Voucher
  • BEMYCOMMANDER – 1x Recruit Voucher
  • Cocoalayankobuhaymo – 100 Gems
  • F4R14A4FV211 – 100 Gems
  • gawkgawk3000 – 100 Gems
  • HA17X5DU – 100 Gems
  • HAPPY6MONTHS – 300 Gems, 1 Battle Data Set, 1 Core Dust, 1 Credit, 5 Ultra Boost, 1 Recruit Voucher, and 1 Small Manual Box
  • HY6MNIKKE23TH – 100 Gems
  • LoveUCommander2023 – 1 Recruitment Card
  • NIKEENEWYEAR – 100 Gems
  • NIKKE – 100 Gems
  • NIKKE – Free Rewards
  • NIKKE1104 – 2H Credit Box
  • Nikke180daysFreeGifts – 4h Credit Box
  • Nikke2023 – 100 Gems
  • NIKKE47CAMPAIGN – 150 Gems
  • NIKKE47CAMPAIGN – Free Rewards
  • nikke777 – 100 gems
  • NIKKEFORYOU – a 2H Credit Box
  • NIKKEGame8Vtuber – 100 Gems
  • NIKKEGIFT – Free Rewards
  • nikkehalfanniv – 100 Gems
  • NIKKEKR – 300 Gems
  • NIKKEMODERNIA – 100 Gems
  • NIKKENO1 – 100 Gems
  • NIKKESAKURA – 150 Gems
  • NIKKEXMAS – 100 Gems
  • NK02V14DG – 100 Gems
  • NKSAY05NOIR23TH – 100 Gems
  • PINKPETALS – 100 Gems
  • SAKURA04TH23NK – 100 Gems
  • TH03LOVEBiSCUIT – 100 Gems
  • WABBITLAVEET – 100 Gems

Goddess of Victory Nikke Codes (Old / Expired)

The game developers Level Infinite keep updating codes for Goddess of Victory Nikke from time to time. So some Goddess of Victory Nikke redeem codes that are working today may not work in a few days. Similarly there are some old Goddess of Victory Nikke codes which are expired. You can try these Goddess of Victory Nikke expired redeem codes to check if by chance they work right now.

  • 1104NIKKETH
  • CRNIKKE Reward

How To Redeem Goddess of Victory Nikke Codes?

Now that you have the codes for Goddess of Victory Nikke, you must be wondering how to redeem them. You can easily redeem Goddess of Victory Nikke codes in following simple steps.

  1. Access Goddess of Victory Nikke: Launch the Goddess of Victory Nikke mobile game.
  2. Complete Tutorial: Progress through the tutorial until you reach stage 4.
  3. Navigate to Notices: Tap on the squares located at the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Access CD-Key Redemption: Select the “Notice” section and scroll down to find the “CD-Key Redemption Portal” button.
  5. Enter the Code: Input an active code accurately.
  6. Redeem: Confirm by tapping “Redeem Now.”

About Goddess of Victory Nikke

Experience the riveting world of “Goddess of Victory Nikke,” a captivating mobile RPG developed by Level Infinite. Dive into the immersive sci-fi RPG shooter where you assemble a powerful squad of anime-style maidens, each adept at wielding unique sci-fi weaponry. Engage in dynamic battles with intuitive controls and striking effects. As humanity struggles against the onslaught of the Rapture invasion, these girls become the last hope for victory. Command Nikke, the human race’s ultimate hope, and embark on a journey to save a world ravaged by an unknown menace.

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