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Lego Brick Tales Release Date – Demo Out on Steam! Add to Wishlist to get notified when it launches.

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Lego Brick Tales is an upcoming Lego-themed video game. It is a Lego-themed twist on the classic adventure game genre with a focus on storytelling and puzzle solving.

Lego Brick Tales Release Date

📢 Lego Brick Tales is all set to Release on 12 Oct 2022.

Its demo is already out on steam. Below you can watch demo video and check out its first look.

About Lego BrickTales

Embark on an adventure across a world of LEGO diorama biomes and help your grandfather’s amusement park become popular again. Your journey will take you deep into the wilderness, to the deserts and to a city. You will also visit grand medieval castle and tropical Caribbean islands.

Starting from a purely aesthetic creations such as market stalls or music boxes, or may go as far as functional physics-based puzzles like building cranes, bridges or gyrocopters. Each diorama offers a variety of different places to build with the freedom of intuitive brick-by-brick building.

The game gives you a limited set of bricks in each level, you have to figure out the best way to get through them. The levels are only one part of the game though, there are additional builds and quests so you can customise the amusement park rides however you want.

Genres: Puzzle Video Game, Adventure game, Casual game, Adventure, Simulation
Developers: ClockStone, ClockStone Software
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, MORE
Publishers: Thunderful Group, Thunderful Publishing

Know the complete Story of Lego Brick Tales

Your grandfather, the famous inventor, has called you for help! His beloved amusement park needs to be repaired in order to meet legal standards. Your help is needed as the mayor plans on taking over the land and destroying everything if he doesn’t.

You’ll need your help to restore your broken guitar. Fortunately, a mysterious device based on alien technology should be able to help you out. As its power source, the Device needs happiness crystals which you can harvest by making people happy and solving their problems.

Start by travelling to different locations around the world and help people find their happiness crystals. You’ll be facing many challenges, but never fear—you just need to overcome these obstacles with your building skills! Save your grandfather’s amusement park in this exciting game by overcoming all sorts of difficult challenges.

Latest Featured in Lego BrickTales 2022

  • A globetrotting LEGO adventure
  • Beautiful diorama worlds
  • Build like never before
  • Test your skills with varied puzzles
  • Master your builds in Sandbox Mode
  • Heaps of items to collect and unlock
  • Build your unique character

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