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OmniHeroes: Launch Date, Codes, Tier List

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OmniHeroes is all set to launch on 9th August, 2023. Pre-registration for the game by OmniDream Games has already crossed the 1 million. Prepare to save the world from darkness, liberating captive Valkyries and uniting legendary heroes to combat looming evil. The game promises strategic battles, diverse synergies, and a vibrant community of summoners.


Embark on an epic journey in the upcoming game “OmniHeroes” by OmniDream Games, set to launch globally on August 9, 2023. Pre-registration is currently underway, offering players the chance to join the ranks of Omniguardians.

OmniHeroes Code

Celebrating the milestone of 500,000 pre-registrations, developers have introduced the special gift code “Pre500000” for players to enhance their gaming experience. More new gift codes will keep coming up from the house of OmniDream Games as the game reaches new milestones. All codes till date are as follows.

  • FBDCOH2023
  • FBG1000A
  • JoinOH
  • OH777
  • OMNIGPF2023
  • Pre500000

Here are more codes for you to discover

OmniHeroes Tier List

Omniheroes boasts an extensive array of compelling characters that are sure to captivate players’ interest. Nevertheless, certain heroes stand out due to their markedly superior stats and abilities compared to others of the same rarity, making them particularly enticing choices.

The Omniheroes Tier List is as follows

  • S-Tier
    • Persephone (Shadowarchs)- Support
    • Atropos (Dawnbringer) – Support
    • Emily (Shadowarchs) – Mage
    • Solomon (Shadowarchs) – Tank
    • Salleine (Dawnbringer) – Mage
  • A-Tier
    • Elune (Verdian) – Warrior
    • Themis (Dawnbringer) – Warrior
    • Dorabella (Dawnbringer) – Mage
    • Marina (Verdian) – Mage
  • B-Tier
    • Athena (Dawnbringer) – Tank
    • Ellie (Shadowarchs) – Mage
    • Sylvan (Verdian) – Warrior

In the captivating world of Omniheroes, the spotlight shines on the Valkyries, each a masterpiece crafted by OmniDream Games.

  • Diverse and vibrant, these characters boast distinct personas, appearances, and tales.
  • Meet Elune, a Valor Valkyrie from the Woodland realm. Her journey is one of endurance through agonizing captivity, forging her into a quietly resolute soul.
  • Then there’s Arkdina, a Vengeance Valkyrie hailing from the Demon faction. With an insatiable thirst for chaos, she commands her demonic horde, embodying unbridled fervor.
  • Omniheroes weaves an enthralling tapestry with its rich characters, offering players a world brimming with stories to uncover.

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