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Problem With Monster Hunter World PC Disconnection

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Monster Hunter World PC is finally out in the wild, plus we’ve got all the details on the Monster Hunter World DLC, reviews, and more. It’s been a grand launch, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

One problem that some players have encountered is a PC disconnection error that shortens their time with the game. Whether you’re getting disconnected from Steam or seeing an E:0025 mistake, it’s not fun to be cut off when trying to play. Any gamer can face many other issues. So what’s causing this Monster Hunter World PC disconnection error? To fix them, visit AMtricks.

Here’s what we know so far.

Monster Hunter World PC Disconnection Error: What causes it?

Two things could be causing this Monster Hunter World PC disconnection error: your network connection or a server issue on Capcom’s end. Some players are reporting disconnections after about 15 minutes of playtime. If you get disconnected after a specific amount of time, that could indicate a problem with your router or just an unstable connection.

The Monster Hunter World PC release was coming for a long time, but it’s finally here. Unfortunately for those anticipating this release for months, the game has been hit with severe technical problems, including a frustrating bug that causes frequent disconnections from servers.

The good news!

The good news is that there are several ways to fix the problem on your own if you’re willing to troubleshoot a bit. Here are some of the best options for Monster Hunter World players on PC experiencing server connection issues.

For several hours, many Monster Hunter World PC players have reported an issue causing their games to crash. Some cannot connect to the game, while others experience disconnects as soon as they set foot in Astera.

At the moment, no known fix is known for this problem. Many players suggest restarting your modem or router may help, but this solution has worked for only a few people.

Monster Hunter World Crashing/Freezing Troubleshooting

Some users have reported this issue on the Steam forum, so it’s not an isolated issue. The crashing seems to happen randomly while playing or while loading the game. As of this moment, there exists no official fix for this issue, but there are some troubleshooting steps that might help you stop the random crashes or freezes from happening or at least reduce them significantly.

First, update your GPU drivers to their latest version available. Nvidia users should download GeForce Game Ready 399.07 WHQL Drivers, while AMD Radeon users should get Radeon Software Adrenalin 18.9.1 (Windows 10 64-bit).

Capcom has acknowledged the issue on Twitter and is looking into it. Players who are expected to dive right in cannot play the game. A recent issue causing many players to be disconnected from online sessions prevents them from completing quests and might even lead to lost progress.

Monster Hunter

World’s PC launch was not without problems, as Capcom discovered an exploit that allowed hackers to access the game’s files easily. Thankfully, Capcom fixed this problem quickly, but it seems another issue has cropped up with the game. Many players face disconnection issues that prevent them from completing their quests and lead to lost progress.

We found another problem!

Whenever I play Monster Hunter World on my PC, I get disconnected from the server for no reason. This can happen after 5 minutes of playing or after 1 hour. It does not matter if I’m online or offline.

Error message

Failed to connect to the server. Please confirm that your network connection is working correctly and try again later.

The solution to the problem is simple: set your router to use Google DNS servers.

Try to do this by following these steps:

1. Open your router settings page (usually accessed by typing or in your browser’s address bar)

2. In the Network tab of your router settings page, change the DNS server addresses to and

3. Save your changes and restart your router

That should resolve the issue for those experiencing disconnections on PC due to high packet loss (which was caused by using ISP-provided DNS servers).

Here’s how to fix it:

1. Open up the Monster Hunter World website with Chrome or Firefox (unfortunately, this doesn’t work with Internet Explorer or Edge because you can’t access the developer tools)

2. Open up the Developer Tools by hitting F12 or the menu option More Tools — Developer Tools.

3. Go over to the Network tab.

4. Click on Disable Cache.

5. Refresh your browser, and you should be able to navigate through the site again!


Monster Hunter World has been out for almost two weeks, and the game is off to a great start. It’s Capcom’s best-performing game, with over 5 million copies sold. The experience has been going smoothly for most PC players, but some disconnection issues have been reported by a small percentage of players, which have caused some frustration. Fortunately, there is a quick fix. Another problem that arises is Discord game detection not working, which can also be fixed.

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