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Rockstar Games: Rumored Development of a New VR Game

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Rockstar Games may be working on a new VR game

A possible new VR game from Rockstar Games, the studio behind GTA, may have been accidentally revealed by an actor’s resume. Speculations are rife as to what this potential VR game could be, and if it becomes a reality, it could give a significant boost to the VR gaming industry. Rockstar Games has had previous experience with virtual reality, and fans are eagerly waiting for more information to surface about this intriguing project.

Unknown Rockstar VR game on the resume

The actor in question, Michael Ursu, listed an Elton John VR promo and Wanderer VR under the “VR” column on his resume. What caught the attention of fans and media outlets was the mention of an “unnamed Rockstar game.” Although the entry has been subsequently removed from the resume, it has sparked curiosity among gamers and industry insiders.

Rockstar Games: No VR Newcomer

Rockstar Games is no stranger to virtual reality. In 2017, when VR adaptations from major game brands were gaining popularity, Rockstar Games released L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, a VR spin-off of a well-known video game. While its success was moderate, it showcased the studio’s interest in exploring the possibilities of VR.

In 2021, the announcement of a VR version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 3 further hinted at Rockstar Games’ inclination towards virtual reality experiences.

Rockstar Games’ secrecy and the anticipation for a new VR game

Rockstar Games is notorious for keeping its projects tightly under wraps. The highly anticipated GTA 6 remained shrouded in mystery for years until leaked images from the early development phase surfaced. Fans are aware that it may take a while before more details emerge about this possible new VR game.

While there has been no official statement from Rockstar Games regarding the rumored VR project, the accidental mention on an actor’s resume has ignited excitement among gamers. The potential of experiencing a Rockstar game in virtual reality has generated considerable buzz and anticipation within the gaming community.

As time goes on, more information may gradually come to light, providing enthusiasts with a clearer understanding of what Rockstar Games has in store for the world of VR gaming. Until then, fans eagerly await any official announcement or confirmation from the studio, keeping their hopes high for an immersive and groundbreaking VR experience from the creators of GTA.

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