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The World’s Hardest Game: How far can you go?

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The world’s hardest game. The game is so difficult that only one person has ever beaten it. It has 30 levels. If you complete all levels you can get a spot in world leader board. This game has 3.5/5 rating on google play, 8.8/10 rating on Crazy Games and 4/5 rating by Cool Math Games.

Rules to Play World’s Hardest Game?

It is very simple game. In the game you are the RED square, and you have to avoid the BLUE circles and collect the YELLOW circles. Once you have collected all of the YELLOW circles, you can move to the GREEN beacon to complete a level.

Where to Play World’s Hardest Game?

You can visit on below given links and start playing the game on your web browser.

Click Here to go to Crazy Games and Play

Click Here to go to Cool Maths Games and Play Online. Here you can find different versions of the game.

Download World’s Hardest Game on Mobile

The World’s Hardest Game is also also available on Android as well as iOS. You can download from the links given below.

To download World’s Hardest Game for Android Click Here

To download World’s Hardest Game for Apple Click Here

How to Beat the World’s Hardest Game?

Many people are obsessed with finishing the game and being able to say they “beat” it. The game is full of puzzles, traps, and hazards. Many gamers are stuck on one level for months or years before they finally give up.

It is not impossible to play, but it takes a lot of patience and skill to win. Here is a video showing some tips to complete each level.

The run through seen in this video was completed with 60 deaths. To save time, all deaths have been cut from the video, and the entire video is shown at 2x speed. There is NO cheating in this video. This video’s intent is to help you

I know this sounds too good to be true, but it’s a significant part of the game World’s Hardest Game. There are a lot of games out there where you can progress without putting much thought into it. World’s Hardest Game is not that type of game. Getting stuck on a level can be frustrating, but don’t let it defeat you! It’s okay to step back for a bit and have some fun with the game.

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