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Top 5 Sites That Allow Users to Download Mods For Computer Games

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The Internet has a vast selection of free and paid downloads for computer games. Some of the best websites to download game mods include MegaGames, Nexus, Mods Online, and Abandonia. You can use many more sites to download game mods, but these five are the most popular. We hope you enjoy browsing them and downloading the latest versions of your favorite games!


If you’re a hardcore gamer, MegaGames is the place to go. Besides a huge collection of mods for computer games, you can also find trainers, patches, and fixes for various popular games. The site is easy to navigate and features freebies that will give you a good time while playing games. For instance, you can browse through puzzle games, horror games, and shooter games. Besides the huge selection of game content, the site’s clean design makes it easy to navigate and continue reading content.

Another great site to download game patches and mods is GameTop. This site hosts many free PC games, including popular PC titles like Minecraft. The games can be played on PCs and Macs, offering many free online games. The games are categorized by genre, and the site updates regularly, making it easy for users to download the games they want to play.


If you are looking for a site allowing you to download mods for computer games, look no further than Nexus. This site has thousands of game files for a wide variety of games. You can join the site for free or subscribe to get the premium version, which removes advertisements and allows you to uncap the file size. You can download mods for both old and new games.

Mods can be hugely useful for PC gamers, and Nexus makes downloading and installing them easy. Its system allows users to download a batch at a time and install them in a specific order, eliminating the need for multiple downloads. The site also allows mod creators to get donations from each download. This makes it easy for people to share their work with others.

Mods Online

While PC gaming has become a mainstream pastime, it can be addictive. You can drastically improve their appearance and feel by downloading fan-made content packs and patches for your PC games. Even the most popular games have active modding communities, which means you can find infinite tweaks and modifications. This article will provide some of the most popular sites to download mods for PC games.

Nexus Mods is a community for modders who upload their creations. It acts as a distribution platform for original content. It has one of the largest selections of game modifications and supports over 65 games. Modders can choose from various management tools, but Vortex is the most versatile. The best part of Nexus Mods is that they accept mods from various developers and genres. This makes it easier to deal with MOD conflicts and coverage.


The infamous Abandonia breach of 2007 was an accidental publicity stunt for the site. Over seven hundred thousand users were unaware of the breach, and the site remained operational. The site has since switched its focus to abandoned computer games instead of piracy and copying cracked files. The site has since grown to include thousands of mods for various computer games, with more added daily.

Abandonia is a long-running site for DOS “abandonware” games. Although the site has declined recently, it remains an excellent source of file downloads. The site hosts a huge archive of these games, with supplemental materials for each game. Furthermore, it features a section on forums called “The ISO Cellar,” which allows users to share full CD-ROM games.Looking for moddable PC games? Follow this guide (https://www.techwhoop.com/best-moddable-pc-games/) by TechWhoop.

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