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Best Gaming Consoles 2023

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A video game consoles is a type of computing device that is created specifically for gaming, and will require you to output to either a computer monitor or television in order to play the different games. In this article we will list best game consoles of 2022.

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Best Gaming Consoles 2023

The following table contains best video game consoles that have sold at least 1 million units worldwide either through to consumers or inside retail channels.

PlatformTypeCompanyReleasedUnits Sold
PlayStation 2HomeSony2000>155 million
PlayStation 4HomeSony2013117.2 million
Nintendo SwitchHybridNintendo2017111.08 million
PlayStationHomeSony1994102.49 million
WiiHomeNintendo2006101.63 million
PlayStation 3HomeSony2006>87.4 million
Xbox 360HomeMicrosoft2005>84 million
NES/FamicomHomeNintendo198361.91 million
Xbox OneHomeMicrosoft201358.5 million
SNES/Super FamicomHomeNintendo199049.1 million
Nintendo 64HomeNintendo199632.93 million
Sega Genesis/Mega DriveHomeSega198830.75 million
Atari 2600HomeAtari197730 million
XboxHomeMicrosoft200124 million
GameCubeHomeNintendo200121.74 million
PlayStation 5HomeSony202021.7 million
Wii UHomeNintendo201213.56 million
Xbox Series X/SHomeMicrosoft202012 million
Sega Master SystemHomeSega198610–13 million
PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16HomeNEC/Hudson Soft198710 million
Sega SaturnHomeSega19949.26 million
DreamcastHomeSega19989.13 million
Master System (Brazilian)HomeTectoy19898 million
Dendy (Famiclone)HomeMicro Genius19926 million
Super NES Classic Edition DedicatedNintendo20175.28 million
Famicom Disk SystemHome console add-onNintendo19864.5 million
NES Classic Edition DedicatedNintendo20163.56 million
Sega PicoHomeSega1993>3.4 million
Color TV-Game DedicatedNintendo19773 million
IntellivisionHomeMattel19803 million
Mega Drive (Brazilian)HomeTectoy19903 million
Sega CDHome console add-onSega19912.24 million
ColecoVisionHomeColeco1982>2 million
Magnavox OdysseyHomeMagnavox/Philips19782 million
PC Engine CD-ROMHome console add-onNEC19881.92 million
Philips CD-iHomePhilips1990>1 million
Telstar DedicatedColeco1976>1 million
Atari 5200HomeAtari19821 million
Atari 7800HomeAtari1986>1 million

These top gaming consoles are self-contained pieces of equipment weigh, on average, between 1 and 4 kgs. Their compact size and simple design means they can be taken to various locations where they are set up by plugging them in.

For these best gaming consoles of all time handheld controllers can be used to input individuals into video games. A lot of video gaming system for families are supported by a variety of different data storage devices, such as hard disk drives, optical discs, and memory cards for downloaded content.

Each gaming console is usually developed by a single company. There are also some top gaming consoles that can only run that company’s games.

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