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Age of Mythology Retold Finally Announced for PC

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The original Age of Empires was released in 1997 and was a huge game. The developers have created a remastered edition with improvements like 4K graphics, upgraded textures, a new soundtrack and restored multiplayer functionality.

Released in 2002, Age of Mythology brought a fantastical take to the classic Age of Empires formula, with playable cultures based off Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology.

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You can create legendary units by spending ‘favor’, which you can earn by praying to or honoring a god of choice.

New cultures Atlanteans and Chinese have been added in later expansions, as well as the ability to summon enormous Titans that can cause immense destruction.

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There is a new release of Age of Mythology Retold called the “Definitive Edition” and it’s a rerelease of AoM. Which includes twitch integration and graphic upgrades among other changes.

“We know that the Age of Mythology community has been waiting patiently for a definitive edition and that’s now going to happen,” World’s Edge wrote on their blog. “We’re working hard to bring you the same experience – but improved – as the original game.

Microsoft also made major announcements on the 20th anniversary of Age of Empires. Not only did they announce a new expansion pack (Age of Empires IV), but the series will be coming to Xbox consoles for the first time.

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