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Top 30 Free Horror Games to Play This Halloween That Will Keep You Up All Night

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Free Horror games are the best way to get into the spirit of Halloween. They can be played on your computer, phone or console.

There are many free horror games that you can download and play for free. You can find them on sites like Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Nintendo eShop.

Here are some of the best free horror games:

Best Free Horror Games on PC

The following games will make you scream as they play them on your PC. These games have realistic visuals that are designed with details, as well as sound and music that will keep you up at night.

  1. Wrong Floor
  2. Sirenhead
  3. Dark Deception
  4. My Friend Raven
  5. The Supper
  6. A Night in Riverager
  7. Flicker of Hope
  8. Escape Room: OG
  9. Cry of Fear

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Top Free Horror Games on Steam

If you are on Steam, then you can go ahead and enjoy the following scary games for free. However beware that these games sometimes deal with dark topics such as mental illness, crime, death, and the paranormal. Therefore stay away from these if any of these trigger you.

  1. The Static Speaks My Name
  2. September 1999
  3. Ultimate Custom Night
  4. Perfect Vermin
  5. Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion
  6. Minds Eyes
  7. Alien Swarm
  8. SCP Secret Lab
  9. We Went Back
  10. Deceit
  11. A Place, Forbidden
  12. Summer of 58

Best Free Horror Games for Android

The best free horror games for android are the perfect way to get your heart racing.

The horror game genre is one of the most popular in gaming. The suspense and tension that these games build up, combined with the adrenaline rush that you get from playing them, make for a great experience.

  1. The school white days
  2. Lost Within
  3. Emily wants to play too
  4. Midnight Awake
  5. Forgotten memories
  6. Paranormal Territory 2
  7. The final take
  8. Psychopath hunt
  9. One Last Night Mobile
  10. Mental hospital 5

Wishing you a great Halloween Halloween and a fantastic fall.

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