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The 13 Best Zombie Games for PC in 2023 – Shoot Some Zombies This Hallows Eve Instead of Going Trick or Treat!

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What are Zombie Games?

Zombies have been a popular idea in the media for decades, but they only really became a phenomenon in the 2000s. Zombies are usually depicted as mindless, undead beings that hunger for human flesh. Zombie games are the genre of games where you play as a zombie or as a survivor / fighter who has to make your way through a zombie apocalypse. The rules of zombie games vary depending on the game and how you want to play it. The goal of a zombie game is to either survive or complete some task.

Best Zombie Games for PC of 2023

Zombie games are a popular genre of video games. They are one of the best ways to experience panic and fear in a virtual world. A sub-set of the horror genre, zombie games have elements of a fun-filled adventure as well as survival mode gaming.

There are many zombie games out there, but these 5 zombie pc games are the most thrilling and entertaining ones.

Project Z

Premise: You are stranded on an island during world war 2. On this island, zombies are running rampant, created by sick and twisted experiments by the nazi. 

USP: Realistic atmosphere + Similar to Fallout 4’s system of finding things and building settlements systems.

Requisition VR

Premise: You and other players cooperatively, or single player have to go about beating up zombies. You need to survive in one environment in this top zombie game for PC.

USP: While there are conventional weapons like gun, you have a lot of fun just creating your own handy weapons. Like you can tape up two rods and create something, or smash a bottle to beat a zombie to a pulp. You are only limited by your imagination!

Showa American Story

Premise: You are a badass girl reanimated from the dead in an America that has been taken over by zombies after world war 2.

USP: What makes this one of the best PC games in the zombie genre is the kickass character. The character is quite a fighter!

No More Room in Hell 2

Premise: A coop game that requires good coordination to survive zombies coming at you from all corners. The atmosphere is pretty dark.

USP: A big map with everything ramped up from the first game, No More Room in Hell 2 and No More Room in Hell (1) both have a spot amongst the best zombie games for PC in 2023. 


Premise: It is a first person game in which you have to fight your way through some really icky looking zombies. 

USP: Visually the game is very impressive. There is a lot of detail oriented graphics going on. Play this game bang on halloween night and you may feel yourself amidst actual zombies!

Daymare 1994: Sandcastle

Premise: A third person shooter where you work for a government organization and are dropped on location to extract and search.

USP: It has good spooky scares and a different setup. It is sort of a prequel to Daymare 1998, which was also one the best zombie games for PC in 2022.


Premise: You are Charlie Grey, an astronaut who is caught up in this world run over by zombies. You are looking for your sister.

USP: Atmosphere, visuals, and music makes a lot going on. Plus the sci-fi angle is different.

Surround Dead

Premise: It is an open world survival game.

USP: More of a classic chill survival game. A lot of loot and limited ammo.You can play it in a laid back environment as long as zombies are away, but once you’re surrounded, it is fight or flight in this top zombie game of 2023.

Dying Light 2

Premise: You and your friends can run around killing zombies, parkour, grapple hook, and do a lot of cool things.

USP: The visuals are great and realistic. Plus it is a cooperative game so you can run around with your friends killing zombies in this best zombie game for PC in 2023.  

The Callisto Protocol

Premise: Dead space inspired, third person action adventure survival horror game where you fight against undead humanoid creatures.

USP: Lots of gore, stress on surviving, and really fighter zombies.

Evil Dead The Game

Premise: Fun asymmetrical multiplayer game where you and your friends fight against all manners of zombies, skeletons, and kandarian demon that one person is playing as.

USP: If you love evil dead, then you will find that this game has nailed it.

The Resident Evil Re:Verse

Premise: You play as Resident Evil characters where you fight against the undead to finish the mission.

USP: Play competitively against other players as iconic Resident Evil characters. Undoubtedly has a spot in almost zombie game lover’s list of top zombie games.

Outbreak Island Pendulum

Premise: You crashland on Outbreak Island and need to fight to survive.

USP: Open world game with cool visuals.

Which Is The Best Undead Survival Game For You?

The best undead survival game for you is the one that you enjoy playing and have fun with. Do you have a favorite zombie game for PC? Let us know in comments below! 

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